Get Out N Drive Podcast

Driven To Promote Nostalgia Drag Racing with Big Al Liebmann

May 09, 2021 Shawn Sherrill and John Meyer Season 1 Episode 38
Get Out N Drive Podcast
Driven To Promote Nostalgia Drag Racing with Big Al Liebmann
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 Ride along with Shawn MrSedanMan Sherrill and John CustomCarNerd Meyer as they talk with Big Al Liebmann of Frantic Ford Entertainment Group and  Senior Sales Executive  at Racing Junk/Internet Brands.
Big Al is a car guy in every since of the word. If it has to do with cars, he's in it! Hot Rods, Funny Cars, Racing, Nitro Cars, Car Show Organizer/Promoter and Automotive Photographer for HotRod Hotline and there's probably more things that aren't listed here!  This episode has it all!
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Hey, we're back with another episode of Get Out Drive podcast. 

I'm Shawn MrSedanMan Sherrill. 

I'm John CustomCarNerd Meyer. 

Today we are talking with Al Liebman. 

He is the senior sales executive for Internet Brands Auto Group classifieds. 

How you doing Big Al? 

Hey fine guys, how are you? 

Doing well. 

thanks For having me. 

Glad to have you on the show today 

So you are senior sales executive for Internet Brands Auto Group classifieds. 

You could sum that up for our listeners. What that is. 

 In other words, I work for racing junk auto classified section of Internet brands. racing junk been around by 21 years over 25 million page views a month for the world's largest marketplace for selling everything, truck trailers, race car. Drag cars, boats, motorcycles, you name it. 900,000 members and going strong. 

Yeah, I know anytime I'm looking for something hot rods or cars or race or anything at that. is one of the first places I looked. 

So yeah, we were looking for stuff on there earlier today. 

It's it's. 

Yeah, it's it's a place that kind of sucks me in 'cause it has everything. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, you could spend hours and hours on that. 

It does yeah, and whatever. 


Yeah, whatever you're doing there, Al, I think you're you're you're sucking in everybody and I think it's a great job you're you're keeping him on the page there's tons of stuff to see. 

If it's. 

Yeah it is. 

Oh yeah, keeps it keep. 

It keeps us. 

It keeps us. 

Busy, like I said, you know, been around over 20 / 21 years and. 

People spend a lot of time just eight years looking and buying and selling. 

Yeah, and it's more than just classifieds. 

I mean, there's there's tech articles and and motor Sports News and all kinds of stuff on. 

There right yeah? 

So you been into racing in cars for a long time. 

How? How did you get into it way back when when you was a kid? 

Oh boy, well when I was in high school spent some time street racing and went to the drag strips at Englishtown and Somebody told me in one particular point I need to get involved with a Funny Car and that was a mid 70s and I got hooked. 

I went out in California, got a involved with a bunch of guys and did the Funny Car tour with a bunch of teams. 

Up until the 80s when drag racing funny cars were where the things to go. 

You say Street races. 

What kind of cars was you street racing back in the day? 

We I had a Camaro I had a big block Camaro with a 454 and it's so you know we could look for a race here and there. You know we before the street outlaw guys and stuff like that and kind of got tired of that and wanted something a little bit more. 

A noisy, A little bit more little, little more taste. 

If you could say right, and that's how I got, that's how I got hooked in the early 70s. 

Right, right? 

Wow, what year was your Camaro? 


First year, those are always cool. 

Yeah, especially yes. 

Especially as drag cars, you know. 

I I like the 67th best out of the first jet I think is a good guess. 

'cause I got the Fed window still right. 

I'm a big fan of vent windows. 

Like free air conditioning. 

Right, that's what happened with. That's what happened with Camaro #1. The pilot car that ended up being ended up being a racecar later in its life before they restored it. Yeah, I know you said you're in drag racing in the 70s. What different teams or cars have you been involved with since then? 

Exactly, yes. 

So I originally got started with a car called the Shady Glen. It was a nitro funny far out of California. 

OK, back in the early 70s everybody had funny parts in California. We would go to Orange County Irwindale. Race would be you know, 3264 funny cars. Wow and that's why when you went funny preparation you had a good time. A lot of time we went on tour different states. We used a lot of stuff on the West Coast. You'd have a bunch of races you know your race for the same guys Maybe sometimes twice a week, whatever. 

So I was with involved with the car. shady Glen. 

I went to a car called the Boston Shaker which was a a card in Massachusetts. 

They had a real big long history, the Fireball Vega. 

A Chicago patrol went on tour with these guys. 

Tommy Ivo. 

Everybody knows Tommy I folks he wants Funny Car racing. 

Or yes. 

I was with him and that was a. 

Unique experience. 

We we would raise five days a week. 

Sometimes it's amazing what you. 

Wow, that's a lot of C time. 

Yeah, and it's amazing what you would do. 

Do in between the races and if something broke down you doing motor job in the parking lot. 

You bring the motor and you bring your block or the heads into the hotel to do it. 

Spend a lot of time on the road it was it was neat. 

It was fun. 

You know we raced against the Snake, the Mongoose, blue Max. 

All those guys so when we were doing funny car it was. 

Was a great time. 

We ran some national events but did most of our stuff. 

We did match races. 

That is super cool. 

How did you get involved? 

How did you get involved with frantic Ford? 

Well, the frantic Ford came around to me in 2009. I knew doctor Glenn. We used to race against Doctor Glenn who was one of the drivers of the frantic Ford. He passed away in 78 in an accident at Maple Grove and we were the next pair of cars to run in line and and. 

We've seen that I'm forcing a few times in drag racing with finding cars and dragsters . 

We get these. Accidents, so in 2009 we got a hold myself and Bobby Fry Pennsylvania. His father was one of the owners of the frantic frantic forward, funny part out of the drag side and we got permission from Ford to use the name so it was kind of unique to see the Ford logo on a funny car, right? Anything? 


So we're licensed or licensed through for global motor Sports, and we ran the frantic ford. 

I built a couple other frantic for its first before I got involved with Rocky Perone, we get an alcohol top nostalgia car, and we did another alcohol car and had some issues with that. I kind of want to wait for about a year and I got involved with Rocky out of Philadelphia. He is a bunch of gassers and that's when we started the first frantic ford in 2011. 

OK, now is that the same chassis car the Mustang two as the 70 or no? 

No, so the 70 is the, almost an original body and the body is the brother off the gas Rhonda body at one particular point in live in Florida. 

Well, I thought that looked familiar, yeah? 

Yeah, so it was a it was a big heavy, hate to use the word turd, but that's what it was and he ran a car like the car it did in this, you know, in 69 and 70, ran better than it ever did. The car went on when I think about 2:10 with it. With the Mustang two we did came back as a tribute car with the Sweetman brothers out of Delaware and Maryland. 

They've been around for a long time, but we run down an alcohol so that is. 

Pretty close to period, correct looking on the outside except for the additional 30 sponsors I have, but it's it's in. 


It's in memory of Dodger because Drew who's driving the car. 

It used to work with Dodger so and we got to keep Dodgers on memory out there. 

You know, 'cause everybody likes the name and they like to park. 

So currently the car runs under the Mustang 2 body. 

Yeah the Mustang 2 body . 

Is there anything left? 

Year we had some issues. 

Is there anything left of the 70? 

No, yeah, the 70 Rocky has up in his shelf. I used the word shelf and he's shopping in Philadelphia so it's sitting up up up on the shelf there. 



We might take it out once or twice, it depends, but that's kind of sitting there. 

We have another couple parts that I'm involved with Rocky so the Mustang 2 is the one we run. 


We didn't have many races last year. 

We have a couple bunch of races coming up this year. 

We have one up in my neck of the Woods in South Carolina coming up. 

About three weeks old steel and motion in Union, SC. 

Man, that's a that's a lot of stuff you've only got two hands, right? 

You're like not an octopus or something. 

You know something he got your hands into everything . 


That that is. 

That's that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Now I mean, when we get further into this, you're going to hear a lot more. 

Yeah, I'm kind of Uh, the motor is running 24/7 here at the house . 

Yeah, 'cause right 'cause I know you're not just just in the drag race and I I know you've got a really nice. 

32 Ford coupe. 

Oh yeah, I already. I have a 32 Ford coupe I purchased about six years ago. It was an original Jersey car bought from guy in Oklahoma which is kind of strange. 

Trace trace their history back all the way to the original owner to the second owner to the third owner. Which kind of unique about the card which I have a copy of the title when we switched from the 1st order to 2nd owner 57 in Florida. That gentleman his name was last name which ferry up the ERED so we called the ferry Coop. 

Oh wow. 


He had it from 50, not 57. Excuse me to 2004. 

Wow yeah? 

He drove the car too long time he took the Flathead out and put a Mustang motor in it, put a 327 in. 

He drove the car all over country. 

Literally it was got pictures of it in desert. 

I got pictures. 

I've been Bonneville. 

I got pictures up in California. 

2004 which pulled out of a field in North Carolina, we think Mr. Curry might have passed away, the sun had it didn't run, it was on 4 flat tires again, I'm from Alabama, purchased it, he had it till 2015. It switched hands quickly and then I grabbed it from them and then and I've had it for about 6 years and I drive the wheels off of it. 

That's that's that's a neat car. 

That's incredible. 

When when did that car become a hot rod? 

You know around. 

Became a hot rod. 

Came out hot Rod and probably in the 70s because in the 80s 'cause we're not before I got it we traced it back where it had a red velour interior so when the red velour interior came in and we figured that was sometime in the late 80s to the 90s. 


Let's move like yeah. 

That's pretty slick. You got me. You got any other cars Southern at 32 Ford? 

No, the only thing I have now, but I've had a lot of unique pieces, so I mean I've had things from a 54 Chevy handyman wagon that I purchased from a guy in Washington state that was pulled out of a garage. 36 Dodge 5 Window Coupe with Porsche 930 headlights on it. I had a 39 GMC. 

Oh wow. 

Pick up with a 388 stroker, which is extremely rare because I take. 

In many pictures of cars over the past 20 years, and I can't count 5 on a hand , never seen a 39 GMC's. Yeah a bunch of 39 and 40 Fords. Oh, and I also had a 32 in 2007. It was a steel car. It looked like a glass car got invited to the 75th anniversary Of the 32 at the Grand National Roadster show right, it's neat to be out there with the top 75 cars, and there was a bunch of other cars right, and the following six months later I sold her to a gentleman in Australia. 

Oh Wow. 

Sitting on the other side of the world now. 

Yeah, well, I hope he's a hope he's getting out and driving in that thing over there. 

Oh yeah. 


So so out of out of that list, which ones been your favorite? 

If you could pick one? 

Oh boy, probably my favorite. 

Could have been my First Street rod. 

Which was 39 Ford. I remember getting this when I just stopped racing with Gary Densham. We were sponsored by NEC who I used to work for many years ago. 

And he was going to John Force, and I could have went over there. So I decided to find something new and Street rods finally came to fruition in my in my life, right was the first one, and that was probably one of my first ones that I had. I had a 302 in. It was pretty neat. It was a, you know, a street rod, not a traditional looking car. 

Right, but. 

Right, but if I gotta go, I have to say the 32 Ford that I have. The five window full fendered car is kind of unique, but you can't find many of those. 

Back when you were younger, what was your spark? 

When did you start when you're cruising along and not concerned about cars, then all of a sudden said I want to do this with my life? 

Boy, you know when I was in high school I was I took drafting and architectural studies and I always was thinking about funny cars. Don't ask me why, you know I followed all them. 

You know the Purdomes and snakes and Mike Mitchell and John Force  When he first got started and I said I always wanted to do that so when I had the opportunity when I went to California to do that, it kind of got Hook, line and sinker. Pretty deep and the smell of Nitro and what you can do with the heavy motor and make then we were making maybe 25 to 3000 horsepower. Now you know with the dual mags and big blowers and everything you're making about 10,000 horsepower and everything that we buy we everything we do on a car we can buy off to. 


We can buy from the manufacturer Bolton on and do a little very little modifications and make that particular power. 


So it's kind of it's kind Neat. 

Yeah, that's that's. It's always fun to talk to different people and learn where they started and what got them interested in cars because we always talk about what drives youth YOUTH and we talk about the next generation and who we're going to pass on our information too. So have you had any mentors Along the way that that took your younger self and kind of pushed it up where you were at? 

Right, yeah, so you know why I was Stoppe racing in Probably 2000. I was living in New Jersey and I had a gentleman who lived across the street from me or house would be behind another house and I found that the guy had a Body Shop. He built custom cars. So I was kind of getting into hot rods at that particular point, 'cause I spent most of my life playing with, you know, with funny cars. and a couple dragsters. 


And I found that he got involved with a gentleman named George Barris. So I met George in the early 2000 and we became very close and I became, I guess you want to say project manager or you know helping Jerry with the build of a couple cars we we did a car called the Chrysler City Coupe which is the. 


16 Chrysler had an all glass roof. It was kind of unique. Took that on tour and then we did a 36 gram. We took a four door gram and made it into a 2 door sedan with dual windshields. 


There was that Carla White Carla had the blue splashes on the bottom of it, with the Fender skirts. 


Yes Yep Yep Yep. So. 

I know that car. 

So that was kind of a unique build, especially being a gram and George and his infamous wisdom puts everything on a piece of paper and he gets insecure and he says Jerry, you built us when Jerry Jerry Body Shop just a small regular normal Body Shop, but he had a gentleman there and his name was Ramason and he was younger than me. 

He's from Turkey and this guy can do anything. 

I saw him take 2 Toyota Camrys 

Literally cut him in half, put it back together again, wire him, get him up and running in less than 12 hours. 

Oh my, that's craziness, yeah? 

So when Jerry said Robinson, we have to make this car. 

English we learn a language, wheel, right bag or no bag, or a hammer. Harbors made and I brought about 25 or 30 sponsors to the table. A lot of my head from drag racing and we took this car in tour. Jerry has it now kinda sitting sitting away in New Jersey. I think he finally found somebody Wants to buy this, but then there were some other cars I got involved with a gentleman named Art Shilling. 

Arties he has a party, has played  calling. He runs both parties party OK, Syracuse Nationals so Syracuse Nationals is a car show held every year in July and they get approximately 80,000 people in 8000. Hot rocks. Wow, I first got involved. Would already about five years. 


Seven years ago, which is funny. 

'cause where I am in South Carolina. 

He's 10 minutes away so we became very close afterwards. 

Both parties parties in striping, Jamboree, auction, whatever. 


Over the past. 

10 years, maybe nine years he's raised. probably $700,000 for Ronald McDonald House. Essentially work where he brings he was bringing pinstripers that from all over the world and they would pinstripe panels, garbage cans, toilet seats, whatever they would be on displaying. People buy it, well he approached me six years ago seven years ago to bring the frantic ford Up there so we come up with ideas. Why don't we bring the race cars up there, put people in the seats? They'll pay money anywhere because some guys pay 3-4 or $500 and sit in the car for five minutes and they get a piece of our partner. 


It has a it's exploded so we did it for a few years. 

We bought another Funny Car up that was involved with Rocky. Called the Super Camaro that was a car that came out of Chicago in the 70s early 80s. 

It was a replica or the recreation of a car that was run. We brought that up we would. Start the cars and put kids in the car and put adults in a car and have a great time and raise money and raise. 

Money for charity and and you don't realize putting the younger generation that you did in that? 

Or they may want to be interested in that and you see something in their face and that may stick with them. 

It's so funny that you said you said that because when I was with Gary Densham prior to major sponsorships we had, we brought the. Teachers pet Gary Densham’ racing car. 

We brought it to Maple Grove, one year, Pennsylvania and here's this little boy with his father whatever. 

And I said, excuse me, you want to sit in a car, he said, sure, whatever. 

So we put him in a car, whatever. 

Uh, I would say that's probably. 

30 years later, his name is Jim Gifford. Every time he sees me, he cursed me to death because I got I. I got him hooked and right now he's he's. He's building a. He gets a nostalga funny car racing. 


So he never lets me live it down and he tells everybody that I'm the guy who got him started and I thank you very. 


That's fantastic story. 

Yep, the. 

You are a terrible person and thank you for bringing another one to our flock. 


Yeah, we. 

Well, nobody, nobody did that to me when I was younger, so I figured let me start. 

Let me start the younger generation up you know, yeah. 

Yeah, oh. 

Yeah, yeah, sometimes that's all the text I I've heard more than one person say that so and so let me sit in their car for just a couple of minutes and that just burnt an impression into their brain and they never got away from. 


It no, it just it sticks with you and and did you have the car running at the time or or or just static? 

Oh yes. 

Oh no, that wasn't running, it was just on, you know I'm Jackstand just sitting there and you know they get in here and these. 

Put the hands on the steering wheel and you know open injector and shake the body a little bit. 

You know. 

I mean they they get all. 

Excited whatever and yeah. 

Oh yeah. 


That was it. 

So you know, every time he sees me he he gives me a handshake and a Hug and he says. 

I could have retired. 

I'm like, yeah, I know. 

I could have done the same thing, but you know we do. 

It we do it for love yeah. 

Yeah, yeah, that's exactly right and before. 

What what fun is retirement? 

Though when you could drive a nostalgia Funny Car? 

Right, it's absolutely incred. 

Yeah yeah you have to twist my arm. 

Yeah, in fact get his address in a minute. 

I'm going to go ahead and get some plane tickets and get my phone and I'll be over shortly. 


You know it. 

It's so by doing this thing that we did at Arties party. 


It had it has grown to other events that I've I participated in that I'm almost I pulled myself the ringmaster. We've always heard of any trade deals or Cackle fest. Whatever right about four years ago we started something with a group in New Jersey. Good friends of mine have a car club called Dead Man's Curve they have. All Gassers or to talk like that revenue. 

OK, yeah, I've heard of that. 

First, yeah, and they do a big show Labor Day weekend. Since I'm not going indie to drag race, we do a big show Labor Day weekend there at a hotel called the Sheraton in . So I'm 300 acres. It used to be the Ford plant so we decided one year we're going to bring a couple funny parts in. 

And we call that Thunder Alley so it's the front of the hotel, so the hotel is kind of not circular, but the whole area. 

The lot is kind of big, circular and I own the front of the hotel, so I usually get a couple of my sponsors that I have with the frantic Ford Super Camaro, whatever. 

And they get involved. So we we called this thing over the past couple of years, 415 presents Thunder Alley, powered by Racing junk. Well, it has gotten totally. 


Out of control, but it's it's a it's it's a good out of control where we have the right. 

Why am I not surprised? 


Somehow I bring the largest amount of true nostalgia Race cars tackle cars at a non drag race. Drag strip events to raise money for Alex's Lemonade Foundation. So this year since we didn't have anything last year over the past couple years, I've had anything between Ten the 22 carts running all weekend long in front of the hotel. 

I've had come, I mean. 

Historic cards Broadway Freddy it was there not a recreation to court, but they found their regional card. 

That's back. 

Yeah, custom body Dodge, which would unique this year. 

I'm bringing the world's fastest jet powered Amish buggy. 

I've seen pictures of that. 

It's a jet powered Amish buggy. 

Yes, except. 

Yeah, you you were inSane 

Well, thank you. 

I don't know where. 

I don't know where I could find these guys, but yeah, I I heard about these gentlemen. 

Like I said I have a lot of friends right in all types of racing run jet cars, funny cars drags whatever and their two young guys who come out of I'm not sure if it's Middleburg, Ohio which holds the Amish capital of The world the United States, right? 



They built this jet powered Amish Like this buggy runs the quarter mile in about 75 miles an hour. It runs on the true wheels that are on there also. The wooden wheels or whatever. The only thing it has, it has some extra reinforcement, roll cage seat, whatever and it has a small jet motor in it and it's shoots flames about 40 feet. 



So we have a. 

We have a section at a hotel where we're going to do burner pops. 


We did it once, we did it once when a buddy of mine, Casey Jones He has A jet car and it was amazing because here's all these people at the car show and also to hear this winding noise and hear this pop and you look over the corner. 

And they're running 'cause they have no idea what this is. 


So we let the police. 

We let the Police Department know and we let the fire Department know right? 

And the fire Department works very closely with us. 

The neighbors had no idea what was going on. 

They were running to their China cabinets. 

The hold you know China there. 

And also there's smoke and fire and and. 

Flames and you know burner pops some neat videos, videos out there and we try to do stuff different at the shows and I'm involved with right? Like I said, the dead man's curve got show has gotten so big I'm I'm bringing that smaller act to the Syracuse Nationals this year where we're going to have 10 funny cars and dragsters, and I'm bringing about seven of them that are local to the area of Syracuse so people can see what's in the area and what's being built. 

You know, by the shops in the area there, so it's it keeps me busy. 


And then the last one I think I'm gonna do, It's called Thunder in the park, so Thunder in the park. 

It's something that came up last year We did on Labor Day weekend. 

We did it on a Saturday with a gentleman named Joe Morrison. 

Joe Morrison drove the frantic Ford Super Camaro. 

He now drives a top fuel car for the leverage family. 

He is the chairman of. 

Charity called Right to breath so for COPD. 

So we decided to Do something last year Well, it's cold in New Jersey and New Jersey is a pretty hard state for covid. 

We found out how many people we can have whatever, and made a few phone calls like called a bunch of races. 

Funny Car guys guys came out from. 

Ohio, I had dice, it came out from Georgia, Maryland. 

They said it Joe is doing this and you're involved in this and your sponsors are involved. 

We're going to come. 

So we had A and it was car show so we had a total over the whole time there about 7 to 800 people with cars. But at one particular time we had the minimum of about 500 during that. During that period we started at 9:00 o'clock in the morning. 

It was a is it a baseball stadium? We had to park a lot in in Somerset, NJ. Three o'clock the lot was empty. It was cleaned and we raised $10,000 for right to breathe . 

Beautiful , beautiful, beautiful ally. 

I know you also dabble in photography a little bit too. 

Oh yeah, nothing on nothing on the UM, give me a real cat. Give me a real camera deal. When I started to take pictures in my spare time in 2002 with Hot Rod Hotline, hiring outline was purchased seven years ago by Racing junk, a young woman and her husband, Mary and Jack Morford started this particular business And I ran into them or somehow we got connected and about 2002 and I started to take pictures of  local shows some different across the country. I tell him where I would go, they give me a plane ticket whatever not have any digital cameras. So when I first started in 2002 we had a one maybe like a 1 megapixel camera, you know and your pictures were only about this big or something and they were they were unclear. 

So I expanded over the years Nothing to a real, you know, camera with big lenses. 

It was always a digital camera that I had in my pocket So I was able to take out and take pictures and a lot of guys gave me a hard time till I used to have a stick on it and he used to call it like the camera on this stick was a stick that screw into the bottom and a tripod and you held in your hand and I bought it at a flea market and goes back to about 1955. Well I I I burned out the stick. 

I went through about 7 or 8 Fuji cameras and then I decided to go to the iPhone. 

Uhm, I'll never go back to a camera ever again. 


I mean, yeah, I'm when I take my pictures on I've Quick fast. 

I kind of get an idea of what I want it to look like and I guess over the past 20 years I probably take in. 

300 or 400,000.  all over the country. 

I go to Detroit, they give you a key to get in anytime I want, so I'm there with the friends of mine at a real photographers and I'm there taking pictures or my camera and you know posted them up online and stuff like that. 

So it's it's kind of neat  

When I was traveling with my other job years ago with NEC  I'd always find a cruise night to go to. 

I always wanted to, you know, see what was out there and see what was in the area see what people were driving and take pictures. 

Oh yeah, yeah. 

It's fun to go to another area and go to their cruise night and things like that and that's. 

Right see, see what people have, what they're out driving in. 

And you can tell kind of different it. 

It's gotten a little bit more muddled because of the Internet and people buying and selling cars all around the world, but used to go to the Midwest And they had a certain type of car Or, you know, East Coast car. 


And you could certainly call it an East Coast scene or a West Coast scene. 

And go to different areas of the country and you could You could really pick out, pick out the cars that were built by By where they live and that was that was incredible. 

And how long they've had the car right? 

Good example is Turkey rod run So that's the Thanksgiving weekend in Daytona, When I go there, I look around and I see a lot of 70s I should say could be seventies, 80s and 90s St rods. Nothing was done to them The cars have the Easter egg colors toward they have 14 inch Wheels on it The raised lettering, blur, interior or tweed interior. 

Yes, or tweed make tweed coming back here. 

Oh my yeah, we we we talk about that 30 year cycle and we're already starting to see the turnover and they're blowing the dust off of the Pro Street cars and they're cleaning them all up. 

Guys in tweed coming back. 


Oh yeah, yeah, it's amazing. 

Oh my. 

I was just talking to somebody the other day about Tweed Interior. 


The it's talking about being dated. 


It's like no, no, but I know who it was 'cause he's got tweet interior does 40 Ford pickup right? 

And he's like I was kind of date. 

It's like no, no, it's coming back he's gonna. 

Oh yeah, well. 


Be alright, yeah Mike. 

I I my Pro Street car had blue jellybean interior. 

Here, blue jellybean tweed blue with little flecks of pink and green in it and everything. 

Oh man, I was the man driving that thing around. 

I I had a 32 Ford. It was my first 32 Ford. It was a 5 window. I had no fenders on it. At 348 with reduces that's the one that went to California. 

It had a tweed interior. It was chopped 2 1/2 inches. It was channel inch and a half. 

UH, events were closed. We were solid or when when she was solid the back window was filled in, roof was filled in so it looked like a glass bar. I drove this part of Louisville and when I drove it, it was like in the 90s temperature 95 and I had I had frozen water bottles between my legs. 

And my shorts to keep me cool because the tweeted terrier. 

Oh yeah, yeah, that's stuff like rolling around in house insulation. 

Oh forget it, yes. 

Yeah, yeah, well, I know you said you own a ton of stuff what What kind of car did you take your drivers test in? 

Think it might have been Oh No, I can't remember now a dark oh, I think it was a a Dodge Dart. 

See, we're digging up the memories Look, look, look. 

With the buttons with the buttons on the left hand side spring wheel, which puts yes. 

Oh, the push button transmission. 

Yeah push button Torqueflite. 

Oh yeah Yep, Yep yeah Dodge Dart it has. 



Yeah six it in there. 

Didn't have a big motor. 

The wheelie bars. 

Parachute, yeah. 

Ah, what a Sissy . 


His drivers. 

Tested him in a weenie car. 

Uh, that's not a Funny Car. 


How do you parallel park a Funny Car? 

You can't, it's just. 


Good gravy. 

You can't. 

You can't do much in it except steer and stab and go straight. 

Right, there's three hands, two to pray and one to steer. 

That's right for. 

Yep, Yep, yeah, I never had a chance to drive yet. 

I was always such a big guy, right? 

You see there were shorter guys and I, you know and. 

And I, but I've seen, you know, I have friends of mine end up in the Woods. 

See friends of mine on fire. 

I raced with guys where literally Gary Densham was a good example. 

I mean I was with him for about 10 years I think in two weekends and Sonoma and Seattle we blow up three or four Motors. 

Threw rods out it had in a motor. 

Cut him up in his chest. 

He had to get operated on. 

Oh my. 

He went to the hospital. 

The next next week he comes back, but he gets back in the car throwing rods out in the motor again. 

He said, guys, you can't kill me. 

I see. 

Well, that was it. So Gary was Gary was a really good mentor to me. I met him in the 70s. Yeah, he was a high school teacher from California. Had a car called teachers PET and and I think 1986 or 87. 

I was in the telecommunications business I started a business with a couple guys and I said I want to sponsor your part because when you want to do outside a lot and give you some money so we get money, go racing and next thing I know I was getting on an airplane on Thursday nights flying out to California, to Seattle, Indianapolis, Florida all over whatever. 

Going racing come back home on Sunday night Monday go back Working that was it  

That's a lot that most people have, just like what they consider a regular job, and they're 95 and they're just droning on. 

Sleep doesn't count much in my house well, since I made the move, me and my wife we sold our house in New Jersey and made the move to South Carolina. We live in about 35 miles. South Myrtle Beach Nice little area yeah. 



And I'm finding out. 

How big the Myrtle Beach car crowd is. 

Everybody said, oh, you're moving down South how you gonna get along with those Southerners? 


There's no southerners here. 

Did everybody from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, right lot of car guys. 



Kind of different way. 

They run things here. 

I'm I'm finding out that when they do their car shows and there's a couple guys are doing in the Myrtle Beach area These guys not go head to head but sometimes. 

You'll have two shows, a quarter mile apart from each other and have 100 different cars at each one. 


But they start weird hours. They started like 11 and they go to two. 


We back East Midwest Whenever you go to a car show. You know 8-9 o'clock in morning and you're in your out  3:00 o'clock right. 

3:00 o'clock 

Right, right, that's what we're used to, yeah. 

Yeah, and cruise nights here. 

Go from like 5 to 8 'cause a lot of the older crowd, Not myself, Don't let the drive at night. 

We we see that it in Saint Louis a lot. Yeah with with the older crowd and and it kind of gets to where it's kind of 432. Maybe 11 is is the book ends and and right about 7:00 o'clock. 

Actually, yeah, yes, that's yeah. 

Actually, yeah, yes, that's. 

Everybody is gone. 

Yeah, yeah, it seems like it everybody will do their 50/50 about seven, 7:30 and then the older crowd will take off, yeah? 

Huh, Yep. 

And and I remember there's got to be somebody that's rolling around that that understands this and people that are listening understand this. 


When I was younger I thought of an older guy and he's in his 80s and he's, you know, he's driving. 


But with the steering wheel, you know like this and he's got blue hair and he's driving and and he's driving like a 68 Impala or something. That's crazy in the four door and now we go to a car show and I see what I remember. Those same old guys. 

They've got a big block Camaro in there sideways through the intersection, and they're leaving and they're 85 years old, banging gears like they're still 18  

Well, I have to. 

I have to agree. 

But you know The funny thing is down down here. 

The older generation. 

Yes, there is a bunch of muscle cars. 

There's not a lot of traditional cars like myself. 

Don't find a lot of model A’s and stuff and some model Tees. 

Dumb muscle cars? 

Yes, because they either had him growing up where they want him now, right? 

But very big challengers, Chargers, Mustangs, camaros, corvettes. 

Late model stuff. 

So when you go late models so back East and even in Saint Louis, you guys when you guys have a cruise night sometimes it's you know 80 and below 70 below 30 years. 

Hello whatever you know, new cars and everything here you're not gonna find that everybody gets together so you could be. 

Right, Sir? 


It's just to come all. 


It's a come all deal because you know a lot of guys are retired. 

They don't have nothing much better to do, so they try to go out with their car as much as they can. 

Right, right, you know, and and I get that I I don't see a problem with including everybody. 


You know, I, I know as I get older I I've got a big block Chevelle and. 

Sometimes think it's a little crazy or something and I'm trying to crank around on the steering wheel and shift Gears I know. 

Last time I did that it got real crazy. 

I end up my shoulder hurt for about 3 days. 

That is true. 

And we do have several people that we know that have car collections. 

30s Forties 50s cars and and I would give anything to drive their cars and they they'll show up and I'm sorry you know who you are and when you're listening they they'll show up in a in in in a new challenger. 

And I asked. 

Right what? 


Why don't you bring your 50s chop Merc and they said well? 

Exactly, Yep. 

But you did this. 

It doesn't have navigation and power steering and power brakes and AC, and your windows and all that stuff. 

At AC 

Air conditioning, . 

And he says I can get in and push the button and vroom. 

You know I I completely understand it, yeah. 

No, it's it's. 

It's it's true. 

I mean, you know we have to find we have to get the younger generation involved. 

Yes, they're still involved with you. 

There's a man I just came back today. 

I was out for work and I went by a place called the Beaver Bar and they had a Fox body show there. 


So if everybody remembers the the Ford Fox body Mustang which nobody ever wanted and the Police Department loved him. 



As you know, Trooper cars or whatever. 

Oh yeah, Florida State patrol cars, yeah? 

Right, yes, exactly and. 

And same thing with California and you clearly had some too. 

Oh yeah, Oh yeah. 

Now you can't find him to cross the fortune, and it's because it's the older and the younger generation, because this is what they can afford to get started and that's what we need to bring. 


Yeah, right? 

You know, the younger generation, and regardless what you have right, I don't care if you and I'm learning because I'm, you know, an old, not an old hot Rod guy with a newer hot Rod guy. 

I got every 20 year. 

Or is that we need to keep the sport alive and that's why I'm, you know, getting involved with a radio station down here and doing some rotting stuff and bringing a lot of my customers on board to talk about? 

You know everything from how to build Streed rods. 

And I'll build imports how to build Motors, whatever. 

Gotta keep it alive. 

Right, yeah, that's what we say a lot, you know, build what you can with what you have and just get out and and drive it and enjoy it. 


I mean don't don't worry about if it's you know a $200,000 supercar or you know, as as cool as somebody else is Car, if it's what you can afford and you enjoy it. 

Get out and go. 

Yeah, yeah that that works out good. 

I mean, there's room in the world and I can't believe that Radwood is a thing that are you familiar with Redwood, right? 

I I can't believe that's a thing I can't or you. 

no I'm not actually. 

OK, imagine the dorkiest cars you could ever think of in the Eighties, 80s or 90s and that is. 

Oh, I know, I know what you're talking about. 

That's what they are now. 

They're advertising on their site and they're having online sales for these cars that I thought cash for clunkers ripped off the face of the earth and and and they're really making a goal of it. 

And I and and it's incredible, yeah? 

And and God love him. 

Finding out another classic cars that I learned about a couple weeks ago when I went to see. 

A buddy of mine in in Morrisville, he's one of the nicest Kings if anybody remember, knows the name Tom Prock funny parts. 

One of his sons and and go to his shop and I'm looking at this Crown  Victoria. 


In the corner there would like 28 inch wheels on it, and I'm saying what's the deal and is he said this is what they call donks. DONKS, what's that? 


Said well, you guys go out to the drag strip. 

They go out and run for big money and the cars run like 10 seconds, right? 


I'm like are you kidding me? 

They said Nope, so it's well bring what you want to respect and have a good time. 

That's what I said. 

We have a lot of those cars. 

Those types of cars in Saint Louis. 

They do a lot of racing in Saint Louis. 

The Big wheel racing cars and there are people that I always thought it was that style of car that they're bringing to the racetrack now people because of the Donk racing. 

Their purpose building cars for that now. 

And I saw the other day somebody was showing a build and I said, OK, that's not my style, but I get it. 

Oh yeah. 

A full cage full on purpose built racecar out of an 80, you know Caprice. 

4 door and it was lime green with 28 inch wheels on it and it has a full cage and at 4 door and everything and then in your nitrous fed twin Turbo LS in it. You know like you say running tens and to me I say why they're interested in it and and that's incredible. That's another niche market. 

Yeah, and it would. 


Now he's. 




Right, Yep. 

It's like like you said, the malibus I I don't have to call him each class. 

I'm not sure, but you know, Jeff Prock at Advanced Nitrous telling me the same thing. 

These cars are coming back full roll cage everything. 

Uh, no prep, no summer running. 


You know, small tire, big tire classes. 


They're doing everything it can to keep the tracks alive and enjoy themselves, right? 

Yes, is it called the fast Series the the the street tire cars that have to be you know factory appearing Street tier cars. 

Yes yes, correct. Yep, Yep. 

Yes yes, correct Yep. 

Yep, it's it's amazing. 

A muscle car appearing that's what they do. 

Like that little muscle muscle car appearing, drag racing and these cars are running in the 10s. 

And and it is amazing, and it is in street trim. 

Factory appearing trim. 

Is it? 

Factory restoration appearing in government. 

During engine compartment. 


And that's a beautiful class. 

Oh yeah, that's got a huge following. 

Yeah, I I, I like that quite a lot. 


Well, we'll turn a little bit of a corner and know we love breakdown stories and stuff. 

Tell me about your gotta get it to a show and gotta get an engine for the next round Thrashing stories. 

OK, well we've. 


He worries that we've always had the crashing stories where sometimes you're on the road. 

You gotta do an engine repair or whatever the hotel and you do it in the parking lot. 

You make good what you have. 

Sometimes you have to take the motor out of the car. 

You might bring the motor up into your room, but to put the block in the bathtub, take the hone and do a hone job in the bathtub or through cylinder heads coffee table. 


You know? 

So we've done that before. 

I've had times already where I raced with a couple guys and we had a Chevy dually with a chaparral trailer and. 


Blew the motor out Going to a racetrack, and next thing I know they're towing the chaparral with the truck On a  truck and I'm standing in tow truck. 

Excuse me in the pickup truck that Dooley always going down the road, we get to the race track. 

We run the car qualify whenever make a couple rounds and then doing it and engine job on the pickup truck to get it running. 

So we can get home. 

Nice, that's bad. 

When the engine completely comes apart in your tow pig yeah. 

Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh yeah, yeah. 

The vehicle you rely on your race car runs beautifully. 

Yeah, no problem. 

tow vehicles grenade. 

Well, yeah, it's it's. It's funny, you know I I've had some no no major issues with my car and my 32 and I go to advance auto or AutoZone or whatever. And you know how the guys are now. It's everything by this keyboard screen or whatever. I like to play a little game with them so you walk in and the guy says. 

Yeah I need an alternator. 

OK what do you got? 

I need help in here for a small black Chevy what year? Well it's not a it's not any Chevy car OK a 1932 Ford. 

A 5 window yeah. 

Sorry, but we don't. 

That alternator doesn't work. 

It said no, there's a small block Chevy in it, right? 

This is the alternator I need. 

Ah well, it doesn't say it on the screen. 

Of . 

It doesn't. 

Yes, so you know you give these guys a Hard time, but you know you You value the guys that used to be the counter guys They would know everything. 

Here's your walk in there and you tell him what you need. 

He went right to the shelf and he goes This is what you need or try this, This will work. 

Yes, right? 

And and that is the hotrodder mentality that they know part number XYZ PDQ will fit on this vehicle and this vehicle in that vehicle. 

There's a reason why, Yeah, I don't understand why. 

Yeah, well you know I told you I had that 32 Ford window from the 348 when I took it to Louisville. I made sure I had a spare alternator. Excuse me, a spare water pump and it's spare starter right? Because I could not go anywhere to get any of those. So that was with me all the time. 

Oh yeah. 

Yep, yeah you have to you learn and you keep a roadside repair kit that applies to your vehicle inside and every car is a little different. 

They'll tell you what they need and what they want and right, you gotta learn them. 

Yes, exact. 

Uhm, I know we collect everything as car guys. 

Do you have any car collection stuff magazines Hot Wheels diecast? 


I had a lot before I moved, yeah, but I went from a larger sized house to a smaller house and I'm saying to myself I haven't touched this stuff in 25-30 years. Hasn't moved off the shelf. Time to get rid of it, so I. But I gotta kind of couple unique collections of telephone . 

Uhm, antique telephone from the late 1800s. Nineteen hundreds and uh, enamel telephone signs from like the 30s and 40s and another collection of toy telephones. So the toy tin telephones from the 40s and 50s. Some of the stolen boxes. They still have that collection. 


Well, I spent 35 years in telecommunications, while I was Racing. 

Uhm, everybody thinks oh, so you're moving to South Carolina. 

You're retired and I said no, I said I'm just, Enjoying, you know, enjoying life, I don't have to worry about the, you know the traffic and the taxes in New Jersey, but There's no traffic. A lot of times nice and quiet backroads I can be on a. I remember a couple weeks ago I rented a heavy charger and I had to go to how to go to Charlotte or Mooresville and my GPS takes me on his County Road for 62 miles. It's just two lanes me and another Lane, and all I see is farms. 

And cattle, you know, no traffic lights going through somebody small towns I mean it's great. 

I mean I got the best job in the world. 

I get paid to go to hot Rod shops, race car shops Car shows talk my hobby, Talk to business. 

I like to do and you know can't beat that. 

You know my hash tag line, my hash tag, my name on Facebook is my job is better than yours. 

Right, I'm a restoration mechanic at a shop here in Saint Louis and I have to take cars out and drive him every now and then. 

After we do my repairs or whatever, and I'll always take pictures up and send it to my brothers. 

And yeah, this is what I'm getting paid to do today. 

I get my friends on Facebook. 

They're like. 

Where did you go? How did you find these NASCAR's? How did you find these Darrell Waltrip parts? How do you find his restoration shop? How did you end up going here? I get a phone, call him in town. They said, come on, take pictures, have a good time and they love it. 

With when do you sleep, good grief? 

I thought I had a lot of irons in the fire. 

And this is this is the way I've worked for many many years. 

I I get up sometimes two 3:00 o'clock in the morning and I'm on a computer doing emails, sending stuff out that people are like. 

What are you doing? 

I'm like I. 

Woke up, I thought about this. 

Why are you answering me at 4:00 o'clock in the Morning, right, you know so you. 

Right, right? 


Get you get that also so 24 by 7 you know proactive, not reactive. That's the way I've always been and any type of industry I've been around. 

Have you found the Internet and social media has made your job or connection ability to make connections a little easier? 

Oh yeah, prior you know. When I was in telecommunications for 35 years, I was in voice, so I used to design telephone systems, pick up the phone. Hello, can I help? 

You right now. 

And this is true the younger generation, They don't want to talk. 

All they want to do is text all they want to do. 

Yeah, that that is true and I've I've found that very quickly with buying and selling things online. 

You know whether it's through a Facebook marketplace or something like that. 

You know about being able to share pictures and talk to people and things, and I find that a lot a lot more people just want to text and they don't want to. 

They don't want to do anything and you can almost tell the age of a person by looking at the style of vehicle they're selling. 

And it says on their Ad ‘do not text me’, you know? 

Right yes. 

Do not respond here. 

Call me yes. 

Call me, I want to hear you. 


Yes, pick up the phone. 

Yeah yes, pick up the phone so we all we're always talking about our what drives youth initiative. 

Yes, yeah. 

Are you or racing junk? 

Or are you guys doing anything to promote the next generation? 

What are you doing to be a mentor or promote the next generation? 

OK, So what I'm doing through racing junk and also through a gentleman who I met down here named Larry Donahue, He has a radio show called into in the Pit Media, Racing Radio and Racing Junk and myself decided to get involved so it's going to be in the pit media racing. 

Radio powered by race and junk and we're going to talk everything from any types of racing drag racing circle track monster truck mud racing dirt racing whatever I'm gonna be in there and I'm gonna kind of talk. 

Hot rods and muscle cars and tuner cars which I don't know much about but I'll learn and to bring the younger generation and and keep the keep the sport alive. 

We're going to bring a bunch of guests And I gave him a list Of 65 people. 

We're gonna bring people I'm gonna just podcast ahead of time. We'll put him up on a Saturday. It's gonna be 2 hours show and it's coming on . Remember, right? I apologize, it gets WRNN . 

And it's going to be pretty neat because we're going to do some feedback. 

We're going to do some quality. 

We want to get the younger generation like we talked about before keeping this sport alive. 


You know, newer we got a new Mustang fine, what do we? 

What do you want to do to make it quicker when you want to do to make it different at the car show change the wheels change tires tell us about your car. 

Right, yeah I have to apply the simple basics and Sean and I talked to each other about this quite a lot. 

The simple basics of the wartime hotrodders. Everybody got back from the war, What did they do?  

What did they build? 

They built with the things that were readily available and as cheap as they could put them together at the time, With the knowledge and mechanical skills that they had at the time, you just apply that to every decade Generation, And move it forward. Some people are hard headed and the muscle car guys don't wanna see 70s cars at a car show and the people with a 78 trans Am don't want to see a brand new Camaro at a car show and and it moves forward like that and nobody wants to see this car or that car. And I listen to people bellyache about that Stuff, but as the generations progressed, they're just doing with They remember, like you said, the Fox body Mustang cars. 

It has that 30 year loop that 30 year you know cycle and of of things that people are interested in and what was on the lot when they graduated from high school, right? 


What's it? 

What their nostalgia. 

And a lot of lot of the younger kids or or build on what they could afford, yes. 

In what they can afford to drive gas wise, yes, you know with parts that are available and they can make stuff fast, correct? 

You know. 

And maybe a Fox body Mustang is their dream car but they can't afford that right now. 

Just do what you can now and work your way to your dream car, right? 

You know who would think? 

Get Nsra and good guys or NSRA first. 

30 year rule. 

Oh yeah. 

Go to an NSA event and here's a guy pulling up and in in an 80s Cutlass. 

Yes, your father or grandfather used to drive. 




It's huge. 

I mean, these things are coming back. 


Yeah, these guys are restoring them. 

I mean, they're just you know, 4 doors at one point. 

Like we said, street Rod, 4 door cars, nobody wanted. 

Every dime a dozen. 


Now they're bringing their being in good money because you can't find them. 

You can't find these cars. 

John always calls 4 door cars, parts, cars. 

Yes, more doors we call him on doors, yes. 

And yes, yes, yeah. 

And yes, yeah. 

Yeah, the four doors are parts cars yeah and I keep. 

Yep, Yep. 

I keep getting people keep calling or or sending me emails and texts and social media DMS and they're trying to take me down a peg, yeah? 

Yes, that's what a person could afford to drive, right? 

Exactly so. 

And if you've got a family and you got a family, you're trying to fit in the car. 


Yeah, it's easier to do it a four door, I mean, More power to him, right? 

Some people wouldn't wouldn't be caught dead in a station wagon, and now those things are They're skyrocketing in price. 

Yeah, I mean like I told you before, I had a 54 Chevy handy man I had never saw one in my life. 


What is a 54 handyman or a 54 Woody? 

Right a Tin Woody. 

And this Tin Woody exactly I'm car was like a tank. 



I would hear stories I go to cruise with it and a couple would come by me and they say, you know, my mother probably had one of these You know, really neat, yeah, we would sit in the back. 

Window rolled down going down the highway The kids and the parents would be smoking in the front of the car exhaust becoming at The back of the car, oh 

Yeah, and they you know they give you all these stories when we go to close the door And It's like closing the door and a Sherman tank I mean and and if you've gone to an accident you feel bad for the next guy because you know you'd be able to drive right through that. 

Right yes. 


Yes, uh, But yeah, station wagons are or monstrous big big money again these days and what you're doing. 

Yeah, and you really see them as push cars and stuff at nostalgia drags quite a lot. 

Too, right? 

You see C10 trucks as push vehicles as in nostalgia. 

Nostalgia drag car in front of a station wagon and it's really common. 


I remember my dad were probably going back to 1990 or so. My dad had an 80 early 80s Oldsmobile. 

Station wagon 

And I think about that car now and think, oh. 

What I would do to have that car now and back then? 

It's like you got a station wagon. 

Yep, and now I'm thinking man, I really wish I had that car. Yeah, 'cause it's just. 

Like the Buicks, like the the What 80s or 90s Buicks wagon, the Roadmaster big yeah? 

Yeah, the whole roadmasters. 

Yeah yeah the roadmaster wood grain. 

The Roadmaster had I think it was a 89 or 90 or whatever it was. A roadmaster had a Corvette LT1 in it that you could get in a Buick Roadmaster. 


Factory, and that's a that's a big secret around people. 

And and they they they kind of seeking out these these grandpa cars. 

Oh, not a secret anymore. 

I guess I know, Whoops. 

You know the Northstar Cadillacs the same thing? 

Nobody wanted them now everybody wants a Northstar. 


'cause when you look at the motor it's something different that you've never seen before, right? 

Very much so right? Yeah, and I've just got one quote. One last question I think. Oh you're 32 Ford? Yeah, how well do you fit in that thing? 

It fits very well in and a 32 five window. There used to be a package tray in the back which gained about 6 inches. This car when the interior was done before I got it, the package came was removed so factory seat framing everything. The seats cut down a little bit. 


You know, and it has a straight axle interfront GM just breaks  ford 9 inch no? No heat, no air vent windows. 

It's typical traditional hot rods that, yeah, right? 

The way a hot rod should be, yes. 

Correct with with bias Look radial tires compliments of Diamondback tire. 

They make the best bias look Radial tire that you can buy out there and it's just people look at this. 

they say, how do you fit in it? 

I said falling get in, close the door slammed the door. 

Don't be afraid to close the door and they're like God, you've got so much room in here like. 

That's why you know, thank God it's not chopped or channel, I had a couple of those and I can drive this car from here to Detroit I mean I gotta get out and you know, stretch every once in a while. 


Well fantastic man, it is uh, it has been extremely informative talking with you today, yeah? 

I know it because every time we talk with somebody who's been into racing for quite a while, they always have crazy stories and we love it. 

We loved hearing about all your breakdown stories and building an engine in the bathtub. 

No, I agree. 

Thanks for having me guys. 

I had a great time talking about the past, present and future. 



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Maybe next year will be. 

Only one obtrude higher than that. 

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