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Driven To Restoration. Preservation. Mentorship - RPM Foundation With Nick Ellis

July 18, 2021 Shawn Sherrill and John Meyer Season 1 Episode 43
Get Out N Drive Podcast
Driven To Restoration. Preservation. Mentorship - RPM Foundation With Nick Ellis
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Show Notes

Ride along with Shawn MrSedanMan Sherrill and John CustomCarNerd Meyer as they talk with Nick Ellis from the RPM Foundation.
As part of our #WhatDrivesYOUth Series to promote and support the next generation in the automotive industry and hobby, the guys talked with Nick about the RPM Foundation's mission to do the same. This is a must listen episode for everyone who wants to support the next generation. The RPM Foundation is a wealth of support, education and even scholarships for those looking to pursue a hands on trade in the automotive industry. 

The RPM Foundation supports restoration and preservation training programs for the next generation of automotive, motorcycle and marine craftsmen. As the educational arm of America’s Automotive Trust, the services, resources and grants provided by the RPM Foundation safeguard the future of the collector vehicle industry by sustaining hands-on training for young adults. The RPM Foundation is based in Chicago with an office in Tacoma, Washington, and Ambassadors in 11 states and abroad. 
The RPM Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that critical skills necessary to preserve and restore collector vehicles are not lost by providing scholarships and educational grants to students and organizations committed to hands-on training of the trades. 

Here is a link to DONATE to the RPM Foundation.   

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