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Driven To Diesel Motorsports With Ron Knoch

September 04, 2021 Shawn Sherrill and John Meyer Season 1
Get Out N Drive Podcast
Driven To Diesel Motorsports With Ron Knoch
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Show Notes

Ride along with Shawn MrSedanMan Sherrill and John CustomCarNerd Meyer as they talk with Ron Knoch, President of Diesel Motorsports.
The guys talk all things diesel with Ron including drag racing, sled pulling and truck shows. You won't believe where the majority of diesel truck interest comes from! Don't think young kids are into diesels? Then you need to listen to this episode as the guys learn all the ins and outs of Ron's family friendly, Diesel Motorsports Events!

 Be sure to find Diesel Motorsports online to find out where you can see the next event and how you can get into the sport. 

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